Howard is driving to a monster truck rally and comes to a gas station. Howard goes in the gas station and looks at the cigarette selection. He considers Parliaments™ and Marlboros™. He buys Marlboros™. Howard drives to the monster truck rally and watches Big Foot™. Afterwards, he talks to Big Foot’s mechanic and they both smoke a cigarette. Skelator™ destroys and Howard feels fucking great. He tries to ask for a job on Skelator™’s crew, but he is too nervous to ask, and it’s never going to happen unless he asks. He feels awkward sometimes but he mostly feels fucking great because of how much he likes seeing Skelator™ run over other cars. On the walk home he smokes a cigarette and it feels good so he smokes them all. He feels a little stupid because he is addicted to cigarettes, but also sort of happy because at least he knows how to party. At home he drinks a Bud Light™ and goes to sleep.