Howard and Kim are lying on a bed. Howard is horny. It is warm. Howard feels horny. He looks at Kim and wants to fuck her. He thinks, “She is pretty hot.” Howard still feels horny. Howard wants to ejaculate. He looks at Kim. Kim looks horny. Howard says “I um, don’t want to date you. I’m not looking for a girlfriend here, I um, I was just thinking we could, ya know, have a good time”. Kim is speechless, so Howard continues. “I really think your hot, like super hot, and I really want to have sex with you tonight.”

Kim says, “Wow.” Howard wants to ejaculate. Kim says “Wow, I just really. Well you have to tell me why, because, wow I really thought, I just, well what you said, I thought we would be a really great couple.” Howard says “Yeah. It’s just.” Howard thinks “I don’t want to have to buy her clothes and I don’t think she’s – I don’t want to introduce her to my friends, who are just like me and will judge her and stare at her and want to have sex with her.” Howard types the word fuck on an imaginary keyboard. Howard wants to punch Kelly in the head. Howard says “Well.” Howard thinks “I just want to have sex with her all the time.” Howard thinks “She’s pathetic.” Howard wants her to run into traffic.