Howard is at home. He’s watching a DVD called Monday Night Raw 15th Anniversary Special. He is eating Spaghetti-0’s™. He can feel that there are pimples on his face. His legs are sweating. He pauses the DVD and turns off the TV. He grabs a can of Bud Light™ and goes upstairs. His room is a mess. He feels fucking great. He checks his MySpace. He looks at himself in the mirror. He goes to the bathroom and washes his face. He thinks about taking a shower. He looks at a book of Gary Larson’s cartoons. He isn’t sure what to do. He thinks about putting the book of Gary Larson’s cartoons on eBay. He goes back to his room and lies in bed. He looks at some things on his bedroom floor and thinks that he does not give a shit that they aren’t put away. He gets up and throws away three receipts and puts his gym shoes in the hallway. He puts on the song Hell’s Bells by AC/DC. Howard thinks, “I like everything about this song.” He lies in his bed and thinks about smoking weed. He doesn’t have any weed. He thinks “I am going to party my balls off on Friday.” He looks out the window. He takes off his shirt, pants and socks. He thinks about brushing his teeth. He stays in bed and doesn’t brush his teeth. He considers getting a fan from one of the other rooms and putting it in his room to replace his broken fan. He wonders if John feeds the dog. He feels normal.