Howard is lying on his bed. Howard is sweating. Howard looks at his fan. Howard looks out the window at a fenced-in area across the street. Howard looks at his dog. Howard looks out the window. Howard thinks “I can have chicks here whenever I want.” Howard thinks “When I go to chick’s houses I offend them by thinking their friends are dumb.” Howard feels nothing. Howard takes off his clothes and looks out his bedroom window. Howard looks at his clock. It is 2:40 PM. Howard turns on the radio and tries to find the hard rock station. Howard goes to the bathroom and looks at the toilet seat. It is wet because the dog drinks from it and he has slobbered over everything. Howard does nothing about this. Howard takes a piss and looks at his bathroom ceiling for the first time. Howard takes a shower. Howard walks to his bedroom and sits on his bed and puts on socks and puts on underwear and puts on jeans and puts on a monster truck t-shirt and then takes off that t-shirt and puts on a white T-shirt and then puts on a t-shirt with a Tuxedo screened on the front. Howard looks at a warm Bud Light and drinks it. Howard is listening to the new P.O.D. album. Howard checks his MySpace™. Howard has no new comments. Howard looks at his dog and thinks about letting his dog run free. Howard thinks about red station wagons. Howard wants to call someone. Howard is fucking pumped that he doesn’t have work tomorrow. Howard thinks “I could quit my fuckin’ job.” Howard punches himself in the chest as hard as he can. Howard puts on other music. Howard calls Liz and leaves a message. Howard thinks about punching through his screen. Howard punches his wall. Howard thinks getting in a fight. Howard thinks about having sex. Howard masturbates. Howard is really mad. Howard kicks his fan. Howard holds his foot. Howard is wiping the blood on his sleeve. Howard looks at himself in the mirror. Howard takes off his tuxedo shirt. Howard wishes he had some whiskey. Howard takes off all his clothes. Howard lies in his bed for two hours with his eyes closed. He masturbates again. Howard puts on shorts and goes downstairs and sits on his stoop. Howard goes inside and grabs a beer. He is careful not to let the dog out. Howard thinks of different things he could be doing right now. Howard calls Samantha and leaves a message. Howard wonders if he knows anyone who is gay. Howard thinks “I wish I had Coca-Cola™ so I could wake up.” Howard isn’t sure what to do. Howard brings a tray of ice cubes to his bedroom and takes off his shorts and lies in bed and places ice cubes on his dick.